Sunday, June 10, 2012

The walk

The walk of hope yesterday. We were beat out at the last minute but our team still raised a highly respectable $2510 mostly thanks to Jess and the women of the boards. No one on our team was a morning person so things were a little chaotic and we didn't get a group picture :( Otherwise it was wonderful to be with so many other people that understand what we've been through. I got to meet our sister team captain in person, L. She is my diagnosis soul mate. Poor L because in the IF world it sucks to be me. It is my hope that L gets the happy ending we got but perhaps without all the pain along the way. We met Jess in person and her impossibly blond little man. Below are our pictures. My finger is bandaged due to my clumsiness which necessitated a trip the ER the night before the walk. That's about par for the course in my world. Here's to hoping my thumb nail grows back ok. Wow was that knife sharp! In the last picture, I am on the left and Meg is on the right. It still amazes both of us that we don't only have a child but we have CHILDREN now.


  1. Oh...I so wish I was there. And I so wish I got it together enough to be a virtual walker. But thank you, all for walking. So grateful! xoxo Kim

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